Hello Everybody,
         I thought I would start this blog by writing a bit of background about myself. My name is Chris Temple, i'm a sophomore at Claremont McKenna College and I live in Stratford Connecticut. Most importantly, I love to travel, play sports (especially soccer and tennis), and have an irrational fear of sharks. My parents are both British, so I have dual citizenship, and I have two older brothers who are 26 and 27. My family has encouraged me from a young age to travel internationally by fostering my curiosity and providing me with the opportunities to explore. I owe them everything.
         I am also obsessed with microfinance and social business. If we can run a business that is sustainable, make a living, and help people at the same time,  why wouldn't we? I got really interested in the field during a gap year between high school and college. I traveled for 4 months around Latin America, hiking, playing soccer,  living with families in indigenous communities, and learning spanish. While living in these communities and reading the End of Poverty, a White Man's Burden, and The Bottom Billion, I recognized how ineffective well-intentioned charitable donations can often be. As a result I applied for a job in microfinance, an industry I didn't even know existed a month before.
       I began working for the start-up Grameen America in Queens, New York, before helping Grameen Trust start new operations in Mexico and Colombia and  representing Grameen America at an international conference in Bangladesh. Since starting at Claremont McKenna, I have been working with Zach and eight others on a start up non-profit online organization called MFI Connect (www.mficonnect.com), that is designed to provide people, especially students, with opportunities to get involved and learn more about microfinance. Now I say the word microfinance between 10-15 times a day, and my friends and family are probably very sick of hearing about it.
        Ok, so that was a lot of rambling but it might give you a sense of who I am. I also really love cheese quesadillas. Alright I'm out.
Feel free to ask any questions below, funny or serious, and ill see if I can answer them.

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