Hey everyone. So today marks 1 year since we set off for our trip to Guatemala. We would be nervously moving into our house today, with every experience new and fresh and unexpected. Being a little nostalgic and slightly bored at my desk job in NY, I wanted to share a thought with you. Maybe some of you are also pretending to ...do work and would welcome the opportunity to read something different for a second.
             I want to take a second today to acknowledge all of your support. I have learned so much from the perspectives of all of my friends and family and people I have met through this project. I feel incredibly lucky. All of you have inspired me in different ways by pursuing your dreams and achieving successes in whatever field personally drives you, from banking to music to counseling. Knowing many of you has instilled in me the desire to always be learning and growing by seeing and trying as much as possible, even that beyond my confront zone. I almost backed out of Guatemala last minute, after a year of planning it, because I was terrified of the uncertainty and insecure that I wouldn’t succeed. My friends supported me, helped Zach and I design the project, and got me to follow what my heart said was right.
              I need to thank all of you for the emails, the conversations, the drunk chats, and the jokes because I want you to understand how much each of you have taught me, given me the motivation and confidence to follow my dreams, and helped me make sense of an experience that seemed to have no place in my day to day life. Thank you especially to Sean, Ryan, and Zach, it’s been an amazing journey with you guys.
I should probably go back to work now and make the most of this summer's challenge before I get fired. Hopefully it gives me another valuable perspective that doesn't involve fleas.

Much love,


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