Have I really been here for 50 days? No formal blog today, but a few thoughts for everyone. First of all, I have conquered the E. Coli for the time being. Chris wins round 1 and really hopes there is no round 2.

Mom, I promise to shower and wash my clothes before coming home. The fleas will hopefully stay in Guatemala until next time. Im also pretty unsure of whether or not they would let me on the plane in my current state. I might be deemed an international health risk...

Our days are busying getting final footage for the documentary while wrapping up interviews. The deeper we delve into the stories, the more inspiring and interesting they become. Get ready for the final documentary, we hope to be able to instill the same excitement and passion in our viewers.

We have more radishes than I know what to do with. So to thank our interviewees for all their time spent with us, we are bringing massive gifts of radishes!

I love these kids. Last English class this week...

Quote of the day: "The further we fall, the longer our roots will grow."
Zach's mom
8/3/2010 08:54:41 am

I feel pretty confident in saying ALL of the mom's are pleased to hear the fleas will be left behind! SO glad you are all feeling better. What a journey.

12/23/2010 11:17:09 pm

i live in the us and i hate its bedbugs im from guatemala

7/17/2020 01:29:26 am

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