I look through the photos, videos, and writings that have come from this experience. Through questioning the unknown, we allowed ourselves to get lost and find our way home. Through what stirs and has stirred throughout, I believe we have grown. We now leave a trace, artifacts to share reflection. What light rests on their surface? What fire ignites behind spectating eyes? How will one look back and forth?


On the ride I stand between. I listen to the conversation I understand and the conversation I wish I can. I see two very different worlds. My attention is drawn to both sides and how lives are lived through opposing eyes. 

I now see a potential fault. Those who want to send food and money to a poverty stricken community are giving to many but disrupting another person’s living. Charity can make several people happy, but only momentarily, bringing fall to the profit of another who is just as needy. Charity appears helpful but can also disrupt others and their livings, never teaching self-sustaining. How do we go about helping those who need not the means of charity? Relief is a separate story, but without, are we taking what we give and causing by imposing? Charity is only a short-term opportunity and in the end might hurt the lives of the hardest working. 

There is no one answer, only better ones we strive for. Through an ever-changing reality, we are constantly left exploring. What applies is relative to the individual within the community, the culture of the people, the politics of the land, and all that defines the opposing realities of the living. We must experience before we act, listen before we talk, and grow before we preach all we think we know. 

Documentary filmmaking… who does it take from and where does it go? We take the time and stories of our subjects while trying to connect it through our own. A sliver of life from both sides is shared in our efforts to inspire the lives of more. What are we looking to find but a reflection of our own? Something to inspire the self we observe and the self we know? The weight we carry is never defined until what we create becomes exposed. Even then, we remain to question the spectating eyes of those whose lives are now shown. What is our burden? How will the viewers grow? The attempt is all we know. 

The momentum and inspiration to dream, what is it we share between? We are four individuals who still have much to learn and many questions to pose. Our reality is shared with our peers, what we bring back together and through our own. I am forever thankful for all our support, with or without the answer; we hold the desire to inspire yours.


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