It has now been a little over a year since we returned from Guatemala. For those who have made documentaries before, it comes to no surprise that we feel the need to go back for more. This is becoming more prevalent as time passes, working through the material, and realizing the depth the stories of the individuals and families from Pena Blanca and Tierra Linda could go. And now, as we compile the stories into a short documentary, we have accepted there is always more to learn and there is always more to tell (in other words, we will have to make more films). But for now we plan to release a short film this fall in order to sum up our initial attempt to understand the reality of the poor in Guatemala. 

We hope to continue to inspire viewers to seek out knowledge of current poverty alleviation methods, to experience another world with modesty and responsibility, and to learn from the individuals and communities who are below the poverty line but looking up. We believe that understanding the reality of the poor is a critical first step and we hope to inspire viewers to take that step before attempting to apply solutions and support causes that do not directly meet the needs of the poor. Explore the world of non-profit organizations, private institutions and social businesses; there are ways to collaborate, volunteer and work alongside them. Everybody willing can play a part. We hope the project and our coming film continues to inspire you.

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