We clear the bush with machetes, shedding light on the rich soil beneath our feet. We place baby trees two meters apart, finding our way up the hillside, a steep inclining slope. We are giving what strength we have to help an ongoing tradition, aiding to an act to insure future generations. Our friend Anthony tells us these trees we help him plant are not for him but his children, so they can use what grows for their own support, wood to build and warm a future home to care for a family of generations both young and old. His father works alongside, having done the same for Anthony 20 years before.

I am reminded of many great memories, which I find to be gifts of their own, for without the expereinces shared among my friends, teachers and family, I am left with little inspiration to grow. If it weren´t for those who planted seeds in my soil, I would be without seeds to share and plant for those. Memories continue to rise the further I am from home. I carry them with me, let them propel me, finding ways to share my seeds with the soil now exposed.

(photo of Jose Solares, taken by Sean Leonard)

5/27/2014 12:56:50 pm

Not only is the soil and water infected but it is also wrongly recognized as food by land and underwater animals whoever lives are then put in danger.


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