I see through and see. I see opportunities unfold. I said yes to this project knowing little before, learning through vigil, inspired to explore, a desire to see more, new worlds, posing new questions, but who are they for?

I was the last member to join and was often found doubting my role. As the story unfolds, I’ve come to find new inspirations to hold, to carry from and return to the world. Even if I lack what another might not, I do not lack the ability to say yes and I do not lack the ability to be an individual. Any step and all steps made are steps to be taken. Where they go, we hope to a goal, but to take the first is how we move through to more.

What can I do as an individual? I see myself in the reflection of my lens. I am silent, observing. I know nothing but questions. How are stories retold? What questions will viewers unfold? What reality do they mold through their own? What questions will they find through the lens I hold? What can one do as an individual?

Haley Priebe
7/28/2010 22:40:35

Hey Ryan,

This post surprises me, although I guess I can see where you're coming from. I love that you recognize the importance of your questions. As the four of you set off, I was thinking how lucky the documentary is to have someone who doesn't live and breath microfinance.

It seems to me that in telling a thought-provoking story some of the most basic or 'obvious' questions will help unearth many of the assumptions that people who are well aquatinted with microfinance might hold. Without expectation or preconceived ideas (and lens in hand), I imagine that you're helping to gather a very holistic and perhaps, natural image of poverty.

Anyway, keep it up. I'm jealous, and all of the footage and stories so far are awesome. I hope Zach and Chris have passed my compliments along.

- Haley

p.s. I work with Zach and Chris. I hope you don't think I'm a total weirdo for writing to you without knowing you.

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