***This is the cure for bed bug bites.  

I must apologize and take a moment here to reflect not on research, school, or our lifestyle, but instead of the wonders of fresh fruit and capabilities that a simple banana can give:  As the dear Jose Arcadio would say, you can make: 
Banana bread, fried bananas, banana pancakes, banana french toast, banana and chocolate crepes, banana smoothies, banana sandwiches, bananas dipped in chocolate, banana splits, and the list goes on...
The above of course, are for the well-experienced banana consumer--I for one, am not there yet.  I'm just a mere novice, but through the strengthening of Chris' bargaining skills--we get 20 bananas for a dollar--now is my chance to approve this wonderful fruit into the sacred land of consumption; that is ones mouth, and relish in its essence, flavor, family-ness; for bananas grow besides one another, bringing people all across the world together to peel, bite, and cherish its flavor. 
Last night we ate the rest of our bananas.  A poem was written for the occasion:
Green, yellow, brown, bananas
Oh, you all taste so sweet.
ripening in the heat
ripening as a treat.
I can't wait to eat you.
Banana, with your peel
You taste so good,
I almost steal you for meals.
Too bad we ate you all,
bananas. I miss you. 
Cause all I have now,
is your taste in my mouth--***
***the complete poem contains 25 parts and 77 separate stanza's.  Due to copyright issues and length, the author and rest of the poem is excluded here in this blog post. 

7/6/2010 06:51:13 am

i'm sharing this banana (in my hand) with you, my friends... cheers

7/6/2010 02:31:33 pm

It's so fascinating to truly realize what we take for granted on a daily basis.....and then to be able to really enjoy it at it's full potential - that is living... Seems like human civilization is always wanting more more more.... but why can't we just enjoy what we have and work on cherishing it? The pleasure centers of our brains too hastily become over stimulated, leaving us with a yearn for something more, something better. We are addicted to the drugs our brains emit when we find something pleasing yet we don't know how to savor it so that it leaves us feeling satisfied instead of incomplete. Watching you savor that banana is so profound in many ways. Thank you for reminding me of this.

7/7/2010 05:10:33 am

[Insert gay joke]

7/9/2010 04:37:10 am


Kasumi Leonard
7/16/2010 10:58:33 am



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