6/25/2010 05:57:47 am

Sounds fantastic (and really challenging.) It's great to see what it's like and how you're doing. I'm eager to hear what you learn along the way.

6/25/2010 06:55:50 am

What an experience! It's great to see this being realized. I'll be following you guys from here in Claremont. Wishing you the best!

Julia Starr
7/2/2010 08:47:06 pm

Guys! Your experience looks amazing and I am excited to see what comes next. I understand the whole rice and beans thing getting old... Keep going strong. :)

evan franz
8/10/2010 09:06:04 am

yes! this is the most fulfilling entertainment I have ever layed my eyes on, You guys are awesome and I hope to see you soon.

Rick Berry
11/11/2010 11:45:56 pm

While listening to you speak of microfinance, and reading your budget which shows your own loan, and the interest rate of 25% it makes me wonder if the concept of microfinance being brought to these poor people will be an aid to them or just keep them in a state of poverty? In our own society we see things like payday loan stores, rent ot own stores and the like being a way for the poor to stay poor while accumulating debt and overpaying for things that they cannot afford. this cycle only keeps them poor.

11/12/2010 05:52:46 am

It's so awesome that you aren't doing this alone. What a great experience. Some people take the little things for granted.

Alice Landsurfer
11/13/2010 10:05:37 am

What you guys are doing is unbelievable. I hope you find your ventures riveting and refreshing. Whatever you do, and no matter what happens...know that you are the future of our kind, and that he data and research you compile is essential to the knowledge and growth of the kin that live thinking a dollar a day isn't enough.

Thank you,


12/7/2010 10:13:15 am

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5/10/2012 01:36:15 pm

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