I have always been told that my great grandfather, an Italian immigrant, never made much money because my great grandmother always packed him such extravagant and delicious lunches. This appreciation, bordering on devotion, for good food runs deep through my family’s veins. Without a doubt, I bleed the same blood as my great grandfather.
Living under a dollar-a-day, which means living on tortillas, rice and beans for two months, may seem like a ridiculous choice to impose upon myself. However, through pushing myself so hard through this experience, to re-evaluate even my deepest beliefs, has given me invaluable perspective on my own life and what I am meant to do with it. 

I have never considered my family wealthy nor do I think that we eat lavishly or in gross proportions but now I can fully appreciate how lucky we are. The small peak at the effects of eating such a minimal amount, in terms of the effects of the diet on my body, the time demanded to cook over an open fire and the realization that the little food we do have here would be a feast for some of our neighbors, brings new appreciation and relative value to every bite I eat. 

When I return home I am still going to cook my family the dinner of Mexican Spicy Roasted Shrimp and Potato Stew with Pollo a la Miel and homemade Focaccia with crumbled blue cheese that I have been planning for a week now. However, I am also going to devote myself with every ounce of my sole to helping people like Rosa Coj Bocel and Carlos (Chino) have more than just salt and tortillas on their kitchen table each night. Finding a way to do this through the power of food would be all the better.

Carlos (Chino)
Here is what I mean about the power of food...

 Check out what Whole Foods’ philanthropic organization, Whole Planet Foundation, has been able to achieve through building up microfinance in the developing communities that Whole Foods sources their products from. They also funded our project so I guess I am already one step closer to my life goal of fighting poverty with good flavors. 

...And yes for those food lovers out there here are the recipes for the dinner I’m making for my family (from some of my favorite blogs). Eat well and do something for those that can’t! 

Mexican Spicy Roasted Shrimp and Potato Stew – The Spiced Life
Pollo a la Miel – The Spiced Life
Focaccia with Bleu Bheese and Caramelized Onions – What We´re Eating
8/3/2010 08:52:18 am

Not quite sure how to integrate spicy shrimp while looking at a photo of Zach eating a very big earth worm....no extra ingredients please! Can't wait!!!

10/26/2010 07:41:57 pm

Thank you for the post.

11/12/2010 03:52:25 am

This is awesome:D I love what your doing, and when I have more time I will have to read all of the blogs and watch all of the videos.
Absolutly love it:)

11/13/2010 04:50:53 am

hey guys! (this is to all four of you)

I think what your doing, is truly amazing. I just wanted to tell all of you, that your not only making a huge difference in your life, but in many other peoples.

May god bless.

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