The community watches over those who remain within. When the individual falls behind, the community is quick to respond, supporting those in need. But the individual interested in a selfish dream quickly loses respect, and his heart now hidden, goes unseen. The individual rarely, and momentarily, walks ahead. The individual, who strives ahead, is not one who does so alone. Without the support provided, he would have never come to know you cannot move ahead without support from home. The individual longs for companions and the feeling of a whole. Without he will never learn and grow.

We arrived as friends and our bonds have grown. We are individuals who have formed a community, and a community within a community. There are moments of separation but to disconnect and reconnect has only made us stronger. When we suffer together, we see both good and bad. Intentionally and unintentionally, we combine and collide. Our moods tug on both sides. When an individual falls back, we follow, reestablishing the line. We support each other, for our turn will come, when we stand alone and again must learn to see as one.

“Your heart should feel closest to him when you oppose him.” - Zarathustra

Attached to the art of thought, a friend contradicts through love, for without the contradiction we would fail to see what is shared between. Fearing what is said is an opportunity to learn from the unknown. What is said is never permanent; it is there to bring a new, but when conceived as true, I lose something of you, so do I speak now or wait for silence? Which will bring us through? What is here between? A settlement to agree or a battle through the sea?

“The world is deep... Not everything may be spoken in the presence of the day.” - Zarathustra

This fight is not between you and me; it hangs above us. We fail to see and the struggle of every dream. I am unable to show you the silence of the night. Your mouth bursts with random words; I am unable to avoid the sight. I do not want to disturb the other sleepers or wake them with unnecessary waking thoughts. Let them sleep, deep in their peace, waiting for silence. I try to listen, too loud and too soft, and all is lost when morning comes.

“The highest must arise to its height from the deepest” - Zarathustra

I awake in the new day and wander through the community and up the hillside. I pass the early workers who all greet me with a smile. The storm has settled and everyone seems pleased there is no rain. I watch the sun rise, and although the clouds are still overhead, I can make out the bright colors between there gloomy sight. I smile and laugh. The weight they carry makes us stronger. When I return home we are again united and we prepare for the new day with new spirit and hunger.

“Take care not to spit against the wind.” - Zarathustra

5/10/2012 01:37:26 pm

The post is absolutely fantastic! Lots of great information and inspiration, both of which we all need! Also like to admire the time and effort you put into your blog and detailed information you offer! I will bookmark your blog and have my children check up here often.


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